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There is no better way to advertise a business or service than having it displayed for everyone who is going to work or traveling in the area. Billboard advertising allows companies to prosper, because this targets people who are working and have money to spend with your business. With Millennium Outdoor Advertising LLC, you are able to showcase your business to a larger market audience. We are a privately owned, family operated advertising company that proudly serves Texas. For more than 15 years, we have helped businesses and organizations grow by providing the most effective marketing they need to succeed with our DEC advertising techniques. Count on us to promote your business effectively.



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About Millennium Outdoor Advertising LLC

Welcome to our website. We update the site often, but sales often move faster than the web developer. Millennium Outdoor Advertising LLC focuses the majority of its advertising structure placement attention on well-traveled Interstate highways in Texas and Arkansas. We are adding new locations every month.

Our advertising structures offer the largest faces (14'X48') allowed by state regulations. Each of our advertising units is made with illuminated, steel, and monopole structures. All of our structures will present the professional image that your company is trying to portray.

We started in this industry when our owner took over a company to turn it around. We saved the company and sold it to a group in Chicago. Soon after, we went to Texas and started a new company. With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, we launched a company for interstate and highway billboards, allowing companies to gain effective outside advertising.

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Millennium Outdoor Advertising is dedicated to the advancement of outdoor advertising. Whether it is providing direct advertising at competitive pricing, or the construction of safe, reliable structures on which to place the message.


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